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Soul Sacrifice, a PS Vita replacement for Monster Hunter

The time has finally come for patient PS Vita owners, as highly anticipated action / rpg title Soul Sacrifice is due out on Sony’s handheld this week. For those of you still holding on for an elusive Monster Hunter game from Capcom though, it looks like that wait isn’t going to be ending any time soon.

The game has been out in Japan for well over a month, but as we well know it often takes longer for a Japanese game to be localized ready for a release on western shores. We saw it all the time with the likes of Pokemon on the DS and now Soul Sacrifice is easily looking like one of the first big hitters of 2013 for Sony’s handheld.

Reviews from Japan have been very good indeed, while most of you should have got an idea of how the game will play out, thanks to a demo release at the start of this month. On the subject of Monster Hunter appearing on PS Vita though, it looks like Capcom still has no plans to make it happen and we have yet another piece of evidence that suggests Nintendo has an exclusive on the franchise for the foreseeable future.

A post over at the Capcom forums has now been closed off, a thread which originally asked Capcom to bring Monster Hunter over to the PS Vita. Capcom communications specialist Yuri Araujo swiftly stepped in to the debate, giving a statement which said that they have “got no plans for a PSVita Monster Hunter at the moment.”

It would appear very logical indeed for Monster Hunter to appear on the PS Vita you would think, an ideal win win situation for both Sony who need massive games, and Capcom who would make a lot of money indeed on the elusive title. For whatever behind the scenes reason though, it isn’t happening and it now means that Soul Sacrifice is the closest thing that PS Vita owners have to a MH game at the moment.

Could that be a blessing in disguise though perhaps? Let us know your thoughts on the Monster Hunter situation and whether you are planning to buy Soul Sacrifice this week for the PS Vita or not.



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