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Samsung Galaxy S5 concept designs arrive

Some of you who were lucky enough to get hold of the Galaxy S4 will now be able to see what all the fuss was about, and if Samsung’s new flagship handset is any bit as good as its predecessor was. There are many new enhancements, which is not surprising, but it’s not what some of you would have hoped, which is why there are many of you now looking ahead to next year.

Because the S4 successor is still a year away, a few Samsung Galaxy S5 concept designs have started to arrive. We already looked at one of what the S4 could have been, and we surmised this could be the perfect design for the Galaxy S5.

However, thanks to MobiLeaks, we now have another conception by way of a 3D representation model of what could very well be the Samsung Galaxy S5. We cannot really see this design making it to production because it is far too thin, which would not be practical considering battery technology has not improved as much as we had hoped.

You’ll notice right away one big issue with this concept, and that is the fact that it is flat, which goes against everything that most of us expect the S5 to be. We had assumed Samsung was to go with a flexible display with this years model, but it came to light that there were several productions issues with getting this to work. However, we do expect to see a flexible display with the Galaxy S next year.

Upon closer inspection this so-called Galaxy S5 concept has a display that can be folded and is 7.5mm thick when unfolded and 15mm when folded. While the design is very nice, we cannot see the Samsung Galaxy S5 release version looking anything like this, can you?



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