Samsung Galaxy S4 meets WorkMate in drop test

By Daniel Chubb - Apr 29, 2013

We have seen a number of Samsung Galaxy S4 drop test videos over the weekend, and now it is time for another featuring the Galaxy S4 with a WorkMate case fitted. The aim of this video review is pretty simple; Cygnett want to show how much more protected your Galaxy S4 will be with one of their cases.

The 3 and half-minute video can be seen above this article and it features Haydn Smith, Industrial Designer, and Shannon Brown, Cygnett’s Lead Industrial Designer. During the video they explain the reasons why users should choose a WorkMate case for their Galaxy S4, and explain the logic behind the case during the drop test that increases up to 3m.


Cygnett’s WorkMate Evolution case for Samsung Galaxy S4 delivers a good level of shock absorbency, which is helped by a TPU and Silicone design, Polycarbonate and impact corners that create even more drop protection. You can see how well they work in the video when the Galaxy S4 is dropped in slow motion. The smartphone literally bounces thanks to the impact corners.


Another welcomed feature is the textured silicone inlay, which is handy on surfaces like dashboards for some extra grip and stickiness. The bezel is deeply embedded that helps to better protect the screen, although the Galaxy S4 is kept thin thanks to the slim profile of the WorkMate case.

Would you consider this WorkMate case for your Samsung Galaxy S4? Take a look at how good the case performs in the video and then share a comment.

Other Samsung Galaxy S4 cases – if you want to see how this case compares to others currently being offered, then you should see our article from earlier today featuring a review of two Spigen Samsung Galaxy S4 cases and another article showcasing what’s on offer by Mobile Fun.

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  • zdude

    I just bought this case.It offers way more protection than the spigen slim armor. You sold me buy this video.Thanks.

  • This thing makes it look super bulky might as well just bubble wrap the freakin phone…

    • Cygnett

      Hey _ThaNerd_,

      Thanks for the feedback on the case, you make an interesting point about the bulkiness, but I have to point out that the GS4 handset has dimensions of:
      136.6 x 69.8 x 7.9 mm (5.38 x 2.75 x 0.31 in)

      and our Workmate measures:
      152 x 82 x 12.4 mm (5.98 x 3.23 x 0.47 in).

      I’m the first to admit that this case might be for everyone, but I think given the added protection that is provided by the WorkMate, as evidenced in the video, that its a pretty good trade-off for someone who is prone to dropping their phone.

      I’d also like to point out that we have a range of other cases that offer different levels of protection with super minimal bulk, which are available via our website.

      Nick from Cygnett