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Next PS3 update needs PS store loading time boost

If you are a regular PS3 gamer and usually browse through available content on the PS Store, you’ll agree with us that the loading time when searching through results can do with a major improvement. We love Sony’s new PS Store interface that was deployed at the end of last year, but seeing that loading bar time after time again is starting to frustrate us just a little.

As far as we’re aware, the new PS3 store interface is still live for a lot of PS3 users. We say this, as Sony actually reverted back to the old store interface for some users, due to sluggish load times and slow navigation. The majority of you should still see the lovely new SEN store though, so why hasn’t Sony improved on the load times since launching yet?

Such a visually impressive store, deserves a simple and problem-free navigation experience to go along with it in our opinion, especially when Sony has just updated other features of the store which you may not be aware of. If you log into your PS3 account on your laptop or PC browser, you’ll now be able to queue up downloads which will then be automatically downloaded the next time you turn on your PS3 or PS Vita.

This means that you can scan through any new demos that you have wanted to play for weeks, queue them up on your browser and then have them download one by one when you return to your PS3. It saves a lot of hassle searching for them on the PS3 store, especially when loading times are a bit disappointing at the moment.

On the other hand, the PS Vita store equivalent doesn’t suffer from the same problems as PS3, probably due to the smaller amount of content that the overall database has, thus making it quicker to navigate – touchscreen always helps though. If you are a regular store user, let us know your thoughts on the current experience when browsing.

Would you like to see some speed improvements in the next PS3 firmware update?



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