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Google Nexus watch concept shows Android potential

As we brace ourselves for the introduction of new wearable gadgets in 2013 such as Google Glasses, we have an excellent video for you to watch to kick start the week, giving you a potential look at Google’s potential Apple iWatch competitor. While it may not happen for some time yet with the focus on the glasses, this video is a good indication that an Android watch would still be a fantastic product to bring to the market.

Apple’s watch product has seemingly been confirmed as coming by the likes of the WSJ and NYTimes, but Google’s effort is still very much a rumor at this point. If Apple are definitely releasing an iWatch though in 2013 or early 2014, you would bet that Google will want a piece of the pie as well, giving consumers the option of wearing a smartwatch that runs Android instead of iOS.

The video we have to show you from T3, gives you an idea of some of the existing smartphone features that can be incorporated into a watch. You’ll see features such as Google Now, weather widgets, taking calls from other smartphones – all on the beauty of a smaller screen which actually looks great in our opinion.


A lot of critics have said that the smartwatch idea is gimmicky, but watch this video and still tell us that you wouldn’t want a piece of this if watches start popping up on the market. The watch that you see above could really be a reality in a few years and we could all be taking calls on our watches via handsfree in the underground, like crazed sheep.

We particularly like the different color Nexus phone concept idea as well, letting users choose from a variety of themes if the standard black color isn’t to their particular liking. Take a look above for yourself and give us your thoughts on whether a Nexus phone from Google could work or not.



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