2014 DC Design Avanti, the cars price in India

India is about to get their own supercar (well sort of) if what we have heard is true. A very interesting story has come to light, which suggests that the DC Design Avanti could be unveiled next year, but only time will tell if the cars price in India will make it a success or failure?

Even though the Avanti could get its debut at one of the big auto shows in 2014, but is at least a couple of years off. The reason for this delay is because it will take until next year for DC Design to get the facilities set up ready for production, but once things are in place then we could expect to see 4,000 units, because according to Economic Times of India the Indian car manufacturer wants to make this more special.

Once this facility is up and running it will make it the fourth from DC in India and will not only produce the Avanti, but other models from the company as well. We mentioned this will be India’s first supercar, but that’s not entirely true, as the Avanti will be severely underpowered to be classed as one of these exotic vehicles.

The DC Design Avanti specs are limited, with just a small amount of information known about the engine, which is to be a 2.0-liter Ford EcoBoost engine, which will produce about 265 horsepower – I know small hatchbacks with more power than that.

The DC Design Avanti price in India is expected to be about 25-30 lakh rupees, which converts to $46,000-$55,000 US. The target buyer will be young executives, but not certain how popular this will compare to alternatives from European car manufacturers?



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