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Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. Note 2, S3 update isn’t that big

The Samsung Galaxy S4 isn’t that big when you put things into perspective, although it is fair to say comparing the Galaxy S4 to an Apple iPhone 5 would make it look big. The image below puts screen sizes into perspective when you see the Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. Note 2, and also some bigger displays thanks to the Galaxy Mega 5.8-inch and 6.3-inch.


Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. Galaxy Note 2 – the Galaxy S4 is bigger than most smartphones at 5.38×2.75×0.31 inches, and the fact is this isn’t too far off a Note 2 at 5.94×3.17×0.37 inches. Both seem tiny when compared to the other end of the scale, which sees Samsung’s Mega 6.3 at 6.6×3.46×0.31 inches.

When we look at the Samsung Galaxy S4 next to the other smartphones we can’t help but think the Galaxy S3 update isn’t that big after all, how about you?

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If you are looking for more insight into the Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. Note 2, then you should see this video review that aims to find out the best handset between two devices that aren’t that far apart in screen size, which is impressive considering one is classed as a phablet.



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