New Fallout 4: Mods vs. official features

By Daniel Chubb - Apr 26, 2013

While we expect many new gamers to purchase the new Fallout 4, when it arrives, as their first game from this franchise, the majority of players would have played at least one of the previous games and have some key features in mind for the next game already.

The features needed in the new Fallout 4 game – we have seen a number of ideas shared in online blogs and forums, which range from the ability to customize armor, a setting in the USA rather than UK, towns that look more lived in, skills that either get better or level up as you use them, and of course keeping the violence and blood.

We’re sure that the game is well into its development, so a number of features would be excluded or included already, although there hasn’t been much in the way of news about the game from official sources.

New Fallout 4: Mods vs. official features – we have seen a number of requests for livelier cities and roads, which tend to appear on mod websites often. It is great to see mods in the last Fallout game adding new features/abilities like more people and travellers, which creates a more lively game and not so lonely.

The problems lie with the fact that nothing is better than certain features being included in the games core and available out of the box. There’s a lot Bethesda can learn from mods of the past and ideas given by gamers, although it is no secret that Bethesda like to do things their own way.

What mods have you seen in the past that you feel would make good official features in the new Fallout 4? What ideas do you have for the next game, and are there any deal breakers for you that need to be included in Fallout 4?

We would also like to see more meaningful character creation that allows you to role-play right out of the box. We loved the skills, abilities and perks in the previous game but see a lot of room for improvement in Fallout 4.

Share your wish list in the comments for mods and official features in the upcoming game. We have also included a video below that looks at Fallout 4 ideas and suggestions for weapon mods, so have a listen and let us know what you think about the ideas.

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  • Steve Sharp

    I would like to see development of the awesome crafting elements that new vegas brought to the franchise, perhaps an option to dismantle and build weapons from parts and craft parts from scrap, and improved cooking/survival elements, perhaps ingredients/foods deteriorating over time.

  • option of choosing to be a human, ghoul or super mutant. i saw this suggestion on another website and i really liked it.

  • troll

    1. remove immortal characters. it’s freaking retarded that u can activate combat against certain npcs but not kill them. 2. remove level scaling, because it takes away the WHOLE F**KING POINT OF LEVELING UP. fuq skyrim

  • i just want to know when the game is out and whats in the game

    • shikamaru317

      We may know soon enough. Fallout 3 and New Vegas composer Inon Zur has hinted at a May 15 reveal for his next game, that’s just a week before the Next Xbox unveil on May 21. We may see a teaser trailer on May 15 with a full reveal at the Next Xbox unveiling, as Microsoft bought timed DLC exclusivity for Skyrim and likely will for Fallout 4 as well.

  • demonfightr

    Old fallout weapons for instance fallout classic weapon mod

  • demonfightr

    It would be awesome if when you repair items it also physically changes the items appearance

  • Liam

    Co-op campaign would be cool and the Enclave returns.

    • shikamaru317

      There’s a rather large group of people who don’t want co-op added because it would ruin the feel of Fallout. In fact, it was nearly 50-50 in the comments section of another website with each stance getting something like 40 upvotes. In order to do full co-op, Bethesda would somehow need to design the whole game around the possibility of 2 chaarcters, including dialogue and the story itself, which this group feels would ruin the feeling of being mostly alone that is supposed to be in Fallout. I suggested a compromise, which went over quite well with most, instead of trying to design a campaign where co-op makes sense, I think Bethesda should add drop in/drop out co-op where a friend can play as one of your companions temporarily.

      • xSpektre

        I like the way VaultMP is headed, with that we may have Co-Op/Versus, or just multiplayer in general in Fallout 3/New Vegas. Maybe players could play as a permanent companion that they create, that does not influence the main character’s story, and is drop in drop out. Idk how leveling would work, maybe be on the same level as the main character. That way the Co-Op buddy actually gets the customization and freedom that is expected from Fallout. And idk how being lonely ruins the feel, if so just play on your own. Plenty of mods and even the game itself has companions. All optional, just as coop is.

  • “it is no secret that Bethesda like to do things their own way”, i disagree, in fallout new vegas they added power armour called scorched serria armour after a developer looked at mods and saw power armour someone created and thought it looked good. also if bethesda doing things there own way makes games such as skyrim and fallout 3, then let them, those games are unique and offers features other games don’t

    • shikamaru317

      Bethesda didn’t make New Vegas, it was made by Obsidian and published by Bethesda. But I agree, let Bethesda do things their own way, there’s a reason why every one of their recent games won multiple Game of the Year awards, and if they do decide to listen to input from the community, that’s fine too, because I’m sure they’d only take the good ideas from the community and not the crappy ones.

  • Vehicles please. Maybe a motorcycle would be better since a car is probably too big for the broken roads in the fallout world.

    • shikamaru317

      Plus an open vehicle like an atv or motorcycle would still allow enemies to attack you, which is essential for balance.

      • demonfightr

        Vehicles would wreck the experience of the game in my opinion

        • shikamaru317

          Did horses wreck Skyrim? That’s all I want, an option for faster travel within the game world itself. There’d still be Fast Travel for locations you’ve already discovered, but a vehicle would make discovering locations the first time faster and easier, and for those that don’t like Fast Travel because it breaks immersion (a small percentage I know), there would be a more realistic means of getting around the world faster. If people are that worried about balance, Bethesda could add a fuel management system to the Hardcore mode, assuming it carries over from Fallout: New Vegas. And it’s not like you’d be forced to use a vehicle even if they put it in the game, just like the horses in Skyrim, it would just be there for those who want to use it.

    • Ross_Varn

      Issue here is that a core element of the setting itself is that the world has run out of fuel- it’s why you see stuff powered by nuclear fusion sitting around. Europe went into the “resource wars” before the bombs fell, turning to anarchy as oil became extinct. There’s a reason raiders don’t chase you around on motorbikes…

  • Dirk Diggler

    Include a bounty hunting system, a la “New Vegas Bounties”.

    • omeruuu95

      I really liked the bounty hunting system in Red Dead Redemption, I think it could be great if they’ll add a simular system.