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GTA V release buildup with trailer in 5 days

Some gamers will state that Grand Theft Auto 5 doesn’t need a massive marketing campaign thanks to the loyal following, although this hasn’t stopped Rockstar from continuing to tease gamers with more details leading up to the GTA V release date later this year.

Just a few hours ago we noticed another update on the official GTA V blog and social channels, which promotes some more GTA V news in 5 days time (on 4.30). This will be a new trailer showcasing more on the three characters playable in the next Grand Theft Auto game.


The image above is all that Rockstar included in their latest blog post, and as you can see this simply states “Michael. Franklin. Trevor. Trailers 4.30”.

GTA V release buildup with trailers in 5 days – It seems obvious that we will most likely see not only GTA V trailer 3, but also 4 and 5 as well. The use of the word “Trailers” clearly points out that there will be a trailer for each GTA V character.

What do you want the new Grand Theft Auto V trailers to reveal on April 30? You might want to also read about GTA V trailer 3 clues being left with live action images in a recent article. We now know that the next videos will include three trailers, so share a comment with your wish list for these trailers below.



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