Polypropylene MINI, okay it’s a 2013 Toyota Me.We concept

The original and current MINI has an iconic design that transcends generations, and so it’s no surprise when we see other cars trying to borrow a few design features and incorporating it into their own models. This is just what seems to have happened with the 2013 Toyota Me.We concept.

If you have ever wondered what a Polypropylene MINI exterior would look like, then you are staring at it right now. While you can clearly see it is a different car, we can’t help feel the Me.We concept is trying to gain some attention from fans of the best selling small vehicle.

Putting all that aside, what we love about this Toyota concept vehicle is how it caters for people with varied budgets, while being kind to the planet at the same time. Another thing the Me.We has to offer is customization because you can choose from various body styles, as well as interiors, and not just by color.

The panels are said to be removable, and the concept can be transformed into a pickup truck or even an off-road vehicle. And because the exterior panels are made from Polypropylene as well as being removable, the vehicle would be easy to keep clean.

Keeping with the green aspect, the 2013 Toyota Me.We concept is an EV and because it weighs just 1,600 pounds, there shouldn’t be any problems with getting around, as the car is rather light.

Personally, we think this is a silly design, as the bamboo interior and those panels may not last as long as the materials used in a traditional vehicle. We also have an issue with the looks, because while it’s clear the Me.We is a little like the MINI, it also looks like something Dr. Frankenstein would have come up with in his laboratory.

Thanks to Toyota.



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