Metal Gear Solid Legacy Collection not on Xbox 360

We have some important news for Metal Gear Solid fans now, as it looks like one more final collection is set to release this Summer. The Metal Gear Solid Legacy Collection has been outed and now confirmed by Konami, but it won’t be available on the Xbox 360 unlike the previous Metal Gear Solid HD Collection.

One big reason for this, could be due to the fact that Metal Gear Solid 4, a PlayStation 3 exclusive is finally being included as part of a big bundle. The Legacy Collection also includes Metal Gear Solid, the HD versions of 2 and 3 and also a copy of Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker.

As extras, the Legacy Collection will also come packed with two Metal Gear digital graphic novels from Ashley Wood and the old school Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2 MSX games as part of Metal Gear Solid 3 HD. At the moment, the bundle has only been confirmed for a release in the US, so we’ll have to wait and see if this will land in Europe as well – but we expect so.

It is obviously going to be disappointing for Xbox 360 owners though, who would also like to get their hands on the definitive Metal Gear Solid bundle. As mentioned above, the inclusion of Metal Gear Solid 4 could be the main reason why it is exclusive to PS3 and we’ll have to wait and see what Konami say about it at a later date.

There isn’t a price for the Legacy Collection yet, but expect to pay a hefty sum for it considering it contains all major Metal Gear games to date. The only notable absentee that we can see missing is Portable Ops, but that shouldn’t really be a big blow to anyone.

The artwork looks pretty stunning and is all a part of the Metal Gear 25th anniversary celebrations. Let us know if you are disappointed that this isn’t coming to Xbox 360.



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