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iPhone 6 screen size rumors debated, as is NFC

There’s no need to get into a debate about the screen size for the iPhone 5S, because if this is to be the next version of the popular Apple smartphone, then its form factor will not change. However, the iPhone 6 is a different story, and yesterday Tim Cook felt the need to address some of the rumors regarding a larger screen.

Cook pointed out that while the iPhone 6 screen size rumors were a hot topic, he said that the iPhone 5 still has the best screen on the market and said going any larger would mean there would be a trade-off. Cook followed that by saying Apple always tries to produce the best quality display with their devices, and while some customers long for a larger screen, others would much rather quality.

It’s for this reason why Apple is not prepared to trade-off power consumption, color quality, resolution, white balance, portability and most importantly compatibility of apps. This does seem such a strange thing for Apple to say, as the HTC One has an awesome screen, and there does not seem to be any tradeoffs.

Apple said that they are not prepared to release a larger iPhone all the time these tradeoffs exist, but does this really mean we will not see a 5-inch iPhone 6, or thereabouts? Mac Rumors readers have been getting involved and have debated this, with some saying they will not stick with the iPhone if there is not an increase in size with the next major iPhone update. While others say they are happy and do not want anything larger, as it become cumbersome, where do you stand?

Tim Cook also had something to say on NFC, saying that the technology is still in its infancy. On one hand he does have a point, but it’s clear that with more companies supporting Near Field Communication popularity will grow, and by that time Apple would have been late to the party once again.

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