Fallout 4 should keep setting in USA

By Daniel Chubb - Apr 24, 2013

There’s no doubt that fans are far more ready to receive information on Fallout 4 and its release date than the developers are willing to give anytime soon, although this hasn’t stopped a number of blogs from throwing around ideas that would make a good Fallout 4 game in their opinion. This has included ideas for the setting and how much violence should be included.

Just a few days ago we wrote an article about Fallout 4 needing to keep on track with fan expectation, and this focused on the bloody and violent theme most fans want. We highlighted this topic after seeing some blogs stating Fallout 4 should be more family friendly, a stupid idea, which our readers agreed with and left over 60 comments.

Fans are passionate about both setting and theme – the previous article not only received a lot of comments, most agree blood and violence is needed, but it had also been read by over 100,000 people. This alone shows how passionate the fanbase is about the future theme for the next Fallout game.

Fallout 4 should keep setting in USA – today we read this article that claims the UK to be a good setting for the next game, which the immediate response from gamers is one of shock.

While the above article tries to deliver reasons why the UK is a good setting for Fallout 4, it seems that the majority of gamers disagree, as do we. In our opinion the next game should be set in the USA, although you won’t have to look far to see people suggesting a number of world cities including Paris.

The popularity of US locations and landmarks found in places such as Washington, Las Vegas and New York are what makes the United States such a great place for the Fallout 4 setting.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the Fallout 4 setting, take a look at the above article and let us know if think the next game should be set in the UK, USA, or another country?

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  • jak

    Well you could add dlc’s that could take you to other countrys like you would have to seach old buildings for fuel then find resources to reconstruct a pre-war plane then fly it to diffenent major citys in the u.s or in other countrys like london or moscow or even go to bejing in china that would be awesome because people who dont live in the u.s you could see great american monuments but people in other countrys could see their countrys post-war because all they have seen some of the more famous american citys and monuments already.

  • A16AdamWalker

    If they were to have any part of Fallout either set in the UK like the article suggests (although personally given the context and game world setting, I would assume that either Canada or ideally China would be better locations), I don’t think it should be the whole game’s setting, as so much of what people expect an established, from 1950’s American self-belief to the Brotherhood of Steel, along with the whole notion of Power Armor and Plasma/Laser weapons, as there’s no indication anyone but the US had these. IF they were to go abroad, which would be nice to see, it should only be in a DLC, something possibly similar to the way you got to Big Mountain or Mothership Zeta

  • shikamaru317

    Fallout is steeped in Americana. You’ve got 50’s style war posters and other propaganda. 50’s styled clothes, hairstyles, tv’s, and all of the other technology that’s based on the way that Americans in the 50’s envisioned the future. I just don’t feel like Fallout would work as well in another country. Some other gaming site suggested a China setting, because they wanted to see the repercussions of the war from the perspective of the other superpower that participated in the War. While I admit that a setting in the UK or China could be interesting, they sound like something that would be better for a spinoff, the main series should stick the the USA. Personnally I’m super excited about the rumored Boston setting, participating in the conflict between the Railroad and the Institute would be pretty awesome in my opinion.

  • north Korea.

  • they should test it first in uk and then see if the consumer will enjoy the game set in the uk, but if they don’t then i will believe that usa is the best setting for the game

    • John A

      So make a game just to see if you should make another game as the objects and landmass would be different. Critical thinking there… (sarcasm)

    • Idiot

      Shut your dumbass up