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Verizon Samsung Galaxy S4 with Best Buy back route

A lot of you may be getting frustrated with Verizon over their silence on the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S4 release, but we’re hear to tell you that there is now an alternative for you to consider. While Verizon has yet to offer pre-orders online, retailer Best Buy has jumped in to save the situation, by announcing that pre-orders are now available for those heading into stores to reserve one.

As we told you about related pre-order and shipping details for the AT&T Galaxy S4 earlier today, we couldn’t help but notice a thread over on the official Verizon forums titled ‘Why is Verizon LAST on the Galaxy S4?’. It’s clear that many consumers are wondering the very same thing and it can’t be good for Verizon’s reputation after deploying similar tactics for the Galaxy Note 2 launch.

If you can’t wait for Verizon any longer though, Best Buy has now sent out word that Galaxy S4 pre-orders are now available for those who walk into their store, starting from Tuesday April 23. There’s no word on how much Best Buy will be offering the device for yet, but it’s definitely nice to have an alternative as Verizon continues to keep users waiting.

This may not be a viable option though for those that want to maintain an unlimited data plan. Hopefully Verizon will see that Best Buy has taken the opportunity to offer pre-orders of their own before them, and will drop some official news on their Twitter page soon.

Are you only planning to order from Verizon’s website or in-store, no matter what? Best Buy may be offering some additional incentives with their pre-orders to sweeten the deal, but we need to await further details on this once pre-orders start being made in store later today.

If you are patiently waiting for a Verizon Galaxy S4, let us know if you are tempted to go via Best Buy’s route. Does it annoy you that AT&T customers will be receiving their device as early as April 25?



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