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Surface Pro availability expanded, India ignored

Depending who you ask Microsoft Surface Pro sales have not been as was hoped, although there were several circumstances that attributed to this, such as low stock upon release, as well as limited availability outside the US. Thankfully, all that is about to change, and we should see sales begin to increase.

The Surface Pro availability will be expanded soon to several key markets, which should come as a huge bonus to Microsoft, and should give the Pro a chance to prove itself to those markets. The Surface Pro UK release will happen before the end of May, along with several other countries, such as Australia, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Spain and several more.

If you live in Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Russia and Thailand, then you will be able to purchase the Surface Pro by the end of June. However, it’s not all good news, because a key market has been left out. You’ll notice from the list that the Surface Pro India release has been ignored

One has to wonder if Microsoft will pay the price for snubbing India, as this is now considered such an important market, one the likes of Apple has been doing very well in with the iPhone, although there is room for improving, such as low-cost iOS devices.

Does the Surface Pro need an upgrade? Several consumers have taken to the Surface Blog and said because the Surface Pro has taken so long to be released in countries outside Canada, China and the U.S., they would like to see an improved processor, such as the Haswell. However, there is one small issue, Intel’s Haswell CPU has not been released yet.

It’s worth remembering that good things comes to those who wait, so the late Surface Pro release is better late than never. There’s also the fact that you will not encounter the Trackpad issue, as it has just been rectified with a new patch.



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