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Star Trek into Darkness spoilers via Android and iOS

With the new movie Star Trek into Darkness just around the corner, we thought you would like a companion in order to see what all the fuss is about. The easiest way to do this rather than visit several websites is with an app, well two really, one for Android and the other for iOS.

What we like about these apps is how you have to earn your right in order to be treated to some Star Trek into Darkness spoilers. The way in which you do this is by taking part in a scavenger hunt, where these missions will lead you to new unseen Star Trek content. We love how you have to do things in the real world in order to gain access to this content, but it will be worth it.

The Star Trek into Darkness apps will also give you access to videos and other exclusive materials. Three of the features that stand out to us are the Image Scan, Sound Scan and Map Mission.

The first allows you to take photos in the real world of billboard and posters of the movie. The next feature allows you to use the sound scanner while viewing Star Trek into Darkness video content. Finally, the map Mission gives you the chance to hunt for specific locations by using Geo-location technology.

If that’s not enough, then how about interviews with the actors, as well as a chance to win some awesome prizes?

We’ve heard there have been a few issues with this app, and while a few updates have been rectified, one or two still persist. Have you had any issues with the Star Trek into Darkness Android or iOS apps?



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