Samsung Galaxy S4 48 hour incentive for AT&T pre-orders

By Alan Ng - Apr 23, 2013

We have some important news for consumers who have already put down a pre-order for the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone on AT&T. The carrier has sent out the word that those who have ordered a device can now expect to receive their handset earlier than expected, even as soon as this week if AT&T maintains their word.

We have been keeping you updated with the release status of the device over the last few weeks, recently telling you that the AT&T Galaxy S4 had initially been scheduled for an official launch on April 30. If you head to AT&T’s product page, you’ll still see the April 30 date still stands, but the carrier has been sending out emails stating that those who have pre-ordered can look forward to receiving their Galaxy S4 as early as April 25.

On top of that, AT&T has also revealed on Twitter that the Galaxy S4 will be available in stores this Saturday on April 27, so those who have pre-ordered are definitely the big winners here. It also means that if you haven’t ordered a Galaxy S4 from AT&T yet, it may be better heading to your nearest store on Saturday, rather than having to wait until a later shipment from AT&T online on April 30.

Basically put, it is going to be a very happy weekend indeed for those who are now set to receive their Galaxy S4 earlier on Thursday. Credit has to go to AT&T this time actually, as the carrier has done a good job keeping consumers informed of status updates for their Galaxy S4 inventory, unlike over on Verizon with the frustrating silence ongoing.

The question is, did you pre-order a Galaxy S4 from AT&T and have you received the email from the carrier stating that you’ll be getting yours on April 25?

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  • SamsungFTW

    Meanwhile, at Verizon headquarters…

    “Our diabolical plan has begun. We shall release the phone long after everyone else has it without regard for our customers so that we can load it with massive amounts of crapware that may deceive one or two people who don’t know better into using some of our useless services that competitors offer for free. Today, smartphone customers, tomorrow, the world! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!”