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iPad 5 rear shell in its entirety, allegedly

Even though we are a long way from the official iPad 5 release date, this has not stopped leaks of what are allegedly components for the 5th-genetation iPad, the latest being the rear shell. As ever we cannot be certain how genuine this is, but the form-factor does seem to fit with what we already assume to know.

An image of the iPad 5 rear shell in its entirety can be seen by visiting Mac Rumors, where they have gotten hold of it via Tactus, a well known case company. We often find it strange why such images are of a poor quality, when people can even take a quick snap with far better results from even a low-cost handset.

We cannot help be a little skeptical when we see iPad 5 parts appear on the net through the supply chain, but this happens every time a device with such a big status is due to be released, and there have been times when these leaked images end up being on the money.

From what we presume to know one of the biggest iPad 5 features will be its new bezel, as it will be similar to that of the iPad mini. If this is the case then the new tablet from Apple will not only be lighter, but smaller as well, although it will still keep the same screen size.

If Apple get the design and the iPad 5 specs right, then this could open the tablet up to a new market, as some people have been put off by the weight gain of these tablets since the iPad 3.

Do you believe these recent iPad 5 leaks are the real deal, or do you think they are fake?



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