GTA V hype continues, reveals new Epsilon character

Earlier this week, we wondered when Rockstar were going to provide some official GTA V news for fans, who were starting to get a little frustrated with the ongoing silence. While Rockstar has yet to succumb as such, the developer has been busy pushing their Epsilon viral marketing strategy, with brand new updates and the unveiling of a potential new character to feature in GTA V.

If you haven’t heard of the Epsilon religious cult yet that is set to take GTA V by storm, take a look at the Twitter account that has been set up by Rockstar. Frequent updates to the page were strangely stopped as of November last year, but the account is now back posting regular updates, with one Tweet stating that the delay had been due to a court case.

To bump up publicity for the Epsilon program further, Rockstar has posted a new message on their Newswire website titled Kifflom. This is another piece of marketing from Epsilon and touts 10 commandments that followers need to abide by in order to be affiliated with the cult.

If you look at act one though, you’ll see a new character flash across the screen as part of the animation. While nothing is confirmed yet, could this man end up in GTA V as the main spokesperson behind the Epsilon program? He certainly looks the part based on the image of him above – what do you think?

Additionally, another Tweet from the Epsilon page confirms that more details are going to be revealed in 7 days time. Obviously it isn’t going to be the GTA Trailer 3 that we all want, but at least Rockstar are keeping users guessing with their Epsilon virals.

What are your thoughts on the cryptic teases? Have you figured out what the Epsilon program is all about yet?



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