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Fusion Plate, an ideal Canon 70D accessory upon release

Any decent photographer will know that when they have a decent sling strap for their camera, they then have a dilemma, as they will need to move the accessory if they wish to put their DSLR onto a tripod. You can keep attaching and detaching both accessories, although this could cause wear.

Thankfully, with the help of a Kickstarter project help could be at hand with the Fusion Plate, which if all goes well could be released in time and be an ideal Canon 70D accessory, once Canon decide to unveil the new model that is.

The Fusion Plate will help unite these two accessories, so photographers do not have to keep swapping their shoulder strap attachment loop onto their tripod mounting plate and then have to remove it when they need to attach your camera onto the tripod.

This is an ingenious solution that gives you the best of both worlds, and there is also less risk that your attachment loop will unthread itself, which could often result in dropping your camera.

You can get a closer look at how it works in the video below, or if you are unable to view the video in our app, then you can view it here.

In the video you see the Fusion Plate being attached to a Canon 7D, so it would also be ideal for the 70D, which is expected to be released a little later this year. As yet we have no idea when this camera will be released, as there is still 25 days of funding to go on the Kickstarter website. However, we can tell you that the project has already raised $9,328, and their goal was $7,500.

The price will vary on color, the black Fusion Plate will cost $75 and the red and blue $85. Maybe the price will go down once the accessory goes into full production?



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