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The Evil Within trailer promises horror genre restart

Bethesda has been teasing their next project over the last week and we’ve finally pleased to see that the game has now been revealed to be ‘The Evil Within’ – a new survival horror title in development from the creator of the Resident Evil game series. If you haven’t seen the gruesome debut trailer yet, we have that for you now – easily one of the most scary looking horror games we’ve seen in a long while.

After watching the ‘messed up’ trailer, our first thoughts are that it is some warped mixture of SAW, Resident Evil and Silent Hill all rolled into one. For die hard fans of survival horror games, that mixture is obviously a dream come true and we haven’t seen a game in a long time that has managed to top the likes of Silent Hill back on the PS1.

The Evil Within has certainly attracted everyone’s attention though and it looks like Bethesda has a sure hit on their hands. Just to reiterate, the game is being developed by Tango Gameworks, with Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami as the mastermind behind the project.

That means that although this is a new IP, fans of the genre should be very optimistic that Mikami is going to pull another gem out of the bag. Perhaps the only disappointing thing out of all of this, is the fact that the game is scheduled for a release in 2014, not 2013.


Then again, next-gen has already been confirmed as a platform along with Xbox 360, PS3 and PC so it is understandable that a longer development time is needed. Watch the gory debut trailer above and give us your honest opinions on it.

Is the horror survival genre back in a big way? It definitely looks like it from us. Look forward to the first proper gameplay footage soon.



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