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iPad mini cases for kids with a handle

When Apple released the iPad mini, it did two things, gave more people the chance to own one of their tablet devices because it being much cheaper, and the opportunity for children to use one. The reason for this is not only because of the different price bracket, but because the smaller tablet was much easy to hold thanks to it being much lighter, something the iPad 5 is expected to adopt later his year.

However, even though the iPad mini is easier to hold, there is still the chance children will be able to drop these tablets if using a standard case. But there is a solution, iPad mini cases for kids with a handle. We have already reviewed the Speck iPad mini iGuy case, which is very robust, ideal for heavy-handed children. The handles do come in handy while using the iPad, but if you carry your iPad mini with one of the handles on the side, then it will look a bit precarious

If you are looking for a iPad mini case with a better handle for carrying, then we would like to suggest the Kay’s Case KidBox Mini. There are four color choices, Orange, Bluey, Limee and Pinky. The handle has two functions, the first is to allow you to carry your iPad mini, and the second is to act as a stand. The accessory is made from foam and has a fun and stylish design. The price you pay is $26.99.

Next up we have the Gripcase for the iPad mini, which comes in a choice of black, blue, purple, green and red. These cases are made from foam and have a raised handle all along the outside. The price for the case is $35, and you can also purchase a plastic stand for an extra $20 here.

These are just three examples of iPad mini cases for children with handles.



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