GTA V news eyed for upcoming meeting

The clock is surely ticking for the next major GTA V news reveal. Rockstar recently unveiled some lovely new artwork for the game, which doubled up as wallpapers for viewers to download at their pleasure. Now though, we’re hearing rumors that GTA V information could be close, with Take-Two scheduled to hold their next investors meeting next month.

It’s fair to say that fresh details on the game is badly needed as well, as Rockstar has been rather quiet since unleashing the GTA V trailer 2 all those months ago. It’s also a well known fact that Rockstar tends to skip the annual E3 festivities as well, so fans will be really hoping to see some new reveals if they definitely aren’t planning to attend E3.

With that in mind, you may want to know that Take-Two’s next investors call is scheduled for May 16. Although it is obviously not confirmed that new GTA V details will drop, it does seem the perfect time to do so and there are definitely a few factors that may be up for discussion.

The first is whether or not GTA V is being prepared for a next-generation release. As most of you are well aware, Rockstar has only confirmed the game for a release on PS3 and Xbox 360, and haven’t said anything regarding a PC release yet. A Windows version is likely at some point down the line, while we also hope that the Wii U has a slim chance as well – although it doesn’t look promising judging on the third-party neglect that we’re seeing at the moment.

Could we finally see GTA V being announced for the PS4 and Microsoft’s next Xbox? If that becomes a reality, fans will then have a difficult decision on whether to wait for a graphically superior version, or just pick up the current-gen version on September 17.

How will you react if you find out that GTA V is also coming to next-gen? Will you wait or pick up a version on September 17 instead? Hopefully we’ll have some official news for you soon.



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