Black HTC One US release update on Sprint, AT&T

By Alan Ng - Apr 22, 2013

We have some good news for customers on Sprint and AT&T now, especially those who are yet to buy the popular HTC One smartphone. The device is freely available to buy in White at the moment, but many consumers had been holding out for release news on the elusive Black model. It looks like that patience is now going to pay off as we’re hearing that the Black variant will be hitting both carriers very soon.

In our opinion, we like the Black HTC One a lot more than the White – there’s just something very classy about it. Of course, it’s nice to keep viewing images of the Black variant online, but consumers just want to hold it in their hands and the wait has definitely been a frustrating one.

Luckily, it looks like there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Both AT&T and Sprint have put up new product pages for the Black version, with Sprint saying that it is now ‘coming soon’ and AT&T being able to offer a Black 64GB model as a carrier exclusive. However though, there’s no release dates just yet so hopefully this vital information is coming soon.

With the listings going live though, it should be a logical assumption that stock should be arriving soon. A lot of critics have said that the HTC One just looks like an iPhone 5 in disguise, but positive sales so far should also be an indication that a lot of people don’t really care and even see it as a positive.

Do you agree with us that the Black HTC One looks better, or do you actually prefer the White? Let us know if you are willing to overlook handsets such as the Samsung Galaxy S4 to pick up one of these instead. We’ll let you know pricing and availability details when AT&T and Sprint release them.

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  • I want what many people don’t have the white/silver one. it looks awesome compared to the black. #BeDifferent #GetWhite

  • toreon jones

    the black looks better to me. I went in Fri.. I left with out one cause they didn’t have the black one. And I been waiting on this phone don’t get me wrong but silver one pretty, but that stealth black a fool u can’t beat it…….