iPhone 6 release date oddities

By Daniel Chubb - Apr 20, 2013

The strangest thing we have seen time and time again is blogs reporting a delay in product launches, even before the companies launching them have offered a date. The iPhone 6 release date won’t be confirmed until an event at a time of Apple’s choosing, although you would see event invitations sent to press up to 2 weeks before and this would be expected at the end of 2013, unless Apple decided to bring their best selling product back to the WWDC launch pad in June.

If you read this article by Josh Smith you’ll notice a title stating the iPhone 6 release date is delayed, although we wonder how Josh knew the release date in the first place considering nothing can be delayed until it is given in the first place.

This fact hasn’t stopped both Josh and a number of other bloggers reporting a possible delay for the so-called iPhone 6, which could become iPhone 5S, if it ends up being a minor update.

This claim of an iPhone 6 setback originates from a well-known analyst, Peter Misek, who believes 2013 will be the first year Apple has never launched an iPhone since its original debut. It is the view of Misek that an iPhone 6 with a 4.8-inch display will launch in 2014.

We have heard about a later iPhone 6, or 5S, release date from a number of analysts already this year, but none have speculated that this year could miss a new iPhone release completely. If this were true, then it could be Apple’s way of getting the iPhone release schedule back to WWDC in 2014.

If you are planning on upgrading to a new iPhone at some point in the future, we’d love to know if you would be happy waiting for iPhone 6 to land with a release date in 2014?

In my opinion, it would be good to see Apple release an iPhone 5S in 2013 as a stepping stone towards an iPhone 6 at WWDC 2014. We have seen the iPad delivered with a shorter lifecycle, so this might be an option Apple deliver with their best selling product if they are aiming to change the launch window.

Bottom-line: nothing can be delayed for the iPhone 6 until it is given a release date in the first place. Hit the comments with a list of specs you want on the next phone from Apple.

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  • Bridged

    I need a larger screen so I’ve made the jump an have ordered an HTC One to upgrade from my iPhone 4. So yes, 2014 will be too late. A year too late.

  • Justin

    I’m waiting to upgrade to the iPhone 6. Unfortunately I wanted to have it this year. Hopefully the delay is just myth and Apple will launch the larger screen, no home button, better processor IPhone 6. I firmly believe the world is on the edge of their seats praying Apple will develop this new generation IPhone to compete with the other carriers hopefuls!

  • Earl Conway CPA

    Would I be happy? I am elated at the thought of keeping my old HTC Hero another 8 months until Apple decides to roll out their new phone. I’m going to buy it regardless of what they decide to call it. The only way I don’t buy it is if they call it “The Little Stinker”. I think it was very thoughtful of you Daniel to ask the question because it shows how concerned you are regarding my life and how it possibly revolves around something Apple will do in the future. Regardless of when the new release occurs would you please keep us updated on when the new Otterbox will be out for the new iPhone? Please breakdown the 3 different divisions of products again for those who didn’t grasp the concept the first 100 times they read about it.

  • ShDS

    iPhone 6 in 3D????