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Pokemon X and Y Mewtwo transformation visualized

We have some more news on Pokemon X and Y to bring you now, and it is again related to the exciting new form of Mewtwo – the legendary creature that will now be returning for X and Y after originally debuting in the old Pokemon Red and Blue games on the classic Gameboy.

Mewtwo is undoubtedly the biggest talking point of Pokemon X and Y at the moment, and Nintendo has devilishly released a video teaser that is going to fuel speculation even more. Prior to this video, we heard plenty of feedback from you on how this new form of Mewtwo could be an entirely new Pokemon altogether, taking a space up on the Pokedex.

However, this video now seems to confirm that it is definitely a new form of Mewtwo coming in the new game, and perhaps even starting a new debate on whether it could in fact be an evolution of Mewtwo. In the video, we see a short clip of Mewtwo transforming into the new mystery form, with again Nintendo or Game Freak failing to reveal the new name of the creature.


It looks great though from a graphics point of view and is a further reminder that Pokemon X and Y is simply a must buy on the 3DS when it is released worldwide this October. As most of you are already aware, the new form removes the tail from Mewtwo and basically attaches it to the back of the creature’s head. The eyes also change to red on the new form, compared to purple on the original Mewtwo.

Watch the video above and let us know your thoughts on the transformation of Mewtwo. Is it a good move by Game Freak, or are you actually disappointed?



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