Range Rover Sport R to take on BMW X5M and X6M

When the 2014 Range Rover Sport was first introduced to us last month, we were not only impressed with the design changes, but also the weight saving, which as you would imagine made a huge different to performance and handling.

However, for those who feel as though Land Rover is being left behind in the sporty SUV market, then recent spy shots of what could very well be a Range Rover Sport R should keep you happy, if real of course. If you thought the all-new version released last month had a more aggressive look, then the image above, and more available from Motor Authority will blow you away.

We can clearly see that the front end has been reworked to allow for larger air intakes, which makes us think there will be a more powerful engine than the supercharged 5.0-liter V8 that produces 510 horsepower.

Maybe Land Rover will take one of the larger engines from a Jaguar, which could then help the Range Rover Sport R compete with the likes of the BMW X5M or the X6M? We might be getting a little ahead of ourselves here, as this could just be a new body kit to give the 2014 Range Rover Sport a more aggressive stance.

However, if this is the real deal, then we also expect to see more aerodynamic tweaks, improved handling, sharper suspension and larger brakes because of the extra speed the so-called Range Rover Sport R would be able to achieve. In the images that you can see from the source above you can clearly see the suspension looks much stiffer, which would reduce the effects of body roll, something SUVs seem to suffer from.

Again, this could lead to just a body kit, but would you like to see an even sportier Range Rover Sport?



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