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PS Vita 2.11 update minus Sony fanfare

We have a heads-up for all PS Vita owners now, as Sony has stealthily emerged from the shadows with a quick, but optional update to 2.11. Don’t forget that this is coming off the back of a recent 2.10 update and Sony has been very quiet on what the new firmware actually does, both on Twitter and their official blogs.

Usually when a new firmware is out, we always hear from Sony what has changed, even if it is a minor security update. This time, we have nothing from Sony although you’ll be pleased to hear that this seems to be an optional update – so no need to update to still access the PlayStation network.

Fortunately, we have tracked down some details from a semi-official source on what the 2.11 update features are. According to a moderator on the official Sony EU forum, PS Vita 2.11 update just provides a general improvement to system stability and the playback of some titles.

That’s it – nothing else has been said. It could also mean that Sony has managed to block another exploit that allowed users to install custom software on the Vita, although that has still to be confirmed at this point. Considering that we had a major update with 2.10 recently though, this latest security update doesn’t seem too bad this time around.

The new folder functionality is a great addition to the PS Vita, while we’re loving the extra video playback options within the browser as well. Don’t forget that a demo for Soul Sacrifice is out this week as well, while we can also confirm that progress made in the demo will transfer to the full game once it is released at the end of the month.

So there we have it – PS Vita update 2.11 is an optional install that doesn’t appear to do anything. Let us know if you have spotted any 2.11 hidden features that we should know about.



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