Predicting Samsung Galaxy S5 design from S4 concept

By Peter Chubb - Apr 17, 2013

Limited pre-orders for the Galaxy S4 have already begun, with the release of the handset expected at the very end of the month, and shipping in the first days of May. However, it will not take long for people to envisage want the Samsung Galaxy S5 will be like, and if there will be a radical design change, as we had hoped to see with the S4?

Predicting the Samsung Galaxy S5 design is not as tough as you might think, as a new concept of what the S4 could have looked like has just been released by Concept Phones, and we can see this being used in the next version. Well, we do hope Samsung does something special with the design of the S4 successor, because while the hardware has been given a much-needed spec bump, the design has stayed pretty much the same.

Maybe Samsung is taking the same approach as Apple, as they never change their iPhone design every year, although it’s clear to see the Galaxy S4 is no minor refresh. Having said that, we cannot see Samsung getting away with the same design in 2014, so there needs to be some radical changes, we just wonder if this concept image above is something you would like to see incorporated on the S5?

While the Galaxy S5 specs will not be up for debate just yet, because consumers need to get a feel of what the S4 is like, we do know they will be unhappy with some of the specs, but what these are we will just have to wait and see.

However, we do know future Galaxy S4 owners will wish for Samsung to introduce an edge-to-edge display, so no bezel at all. There will also be calls for a flexible display, but we still do not know if this technology will be ready for mass production in 2014.

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  • Billy Bob

    The Galaxy S4 hasn’t even been released but we are reading about a phantom phone not yet even designed. TV’s don’t change their design much yet they are sold every day based on features. Apple didn’t change their design yet sold billions of them year after year. It certainly appears design had little influence on buying one. The most important feature on the iPhone is the Apple insignia on the back of the device. 🙂

    • andy

      billions?… do you think that apple sold a phone to every 7th person last year?