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Flexible Galaxy Note 3 display unlikely due to delay

During CES 2013 we were treated to what could become the future of smartphone design, and that was Samsung’s Youm flexible display technology. As you would imagine there were rumors suggesting that the Galaxy S4 would come with a flexible display, but this was not to be. However, rumors of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 having a flexible display were still plausible.

Recent news makes us believe that the Flexible Galaxy Note 3 display is unlikely due to the technology being delayed. There have been rumors to suggest the Note 3 will come with a display around 6 inches, which is half an inch larger than the current Note 2, but it was the thought of a flexible display that excited us the most.

According to a source the technology used in order to produce flexible displays has hit a bump in the road with the encapsulation process, which helps to protect the display from thing such as moisture. We did not expect to see the technology used in handsets this year, but 2014 could be a different story.

However, recent news suggesting a metal Galaxy Note 3 exterior is more plausible, as it would give the phablet a more premium look and feel, something current Galaxy devices are lacking. Mashable reports that the Galaxy S4 was meant to come with a metal body, but there were issues with production, but because the Note 3 will not be released until later this year these delays could be resolved.

If you were to put your money on the design of the Galaxy Note 3, what would be more likely, a flexible display or a metal body?



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