Final Fantasy Versus XIII news update teased again

Dare we say it, but we might just be seeing some light at the end of the tunnel with regards to official Final Fantasy Versus XIII news from Square-Enix. The developer has spoken this week about the troubled game, reiterating that new information is on the way soon, also confirming they have a date internally for when the news is going to go public.

Asking fans to hold on just a little longer though could be too much already, given the six year wait for the game with next to no information on Versus XIII, let alone a solid gameplay hint to keep fans entertained. Final Fantasy Versus XIII has easily become one of the biggest disappointments in the gaming industry, and it is going to take something special to win back all of the fans once again we feel.

But news is still on the way, insists Square-Enix. Director for the game Tetsuya Nomura has spoken in a recent radio interview, saying that it is a ‘delicate situation’ at the moment within the company, which is one of the main reasons why no information has been disclosed.

Nomura also took the opportunity to apologize once again for failing to talk about the game, despite the company stating that they would throughout 2012. He added that the company has set a date for when information will be revealed and that they are currently in preparation for when this date will occur.

Will we find out the answer to the big rumor we wonder? That is whether or not Final Fantasy Versus XIII has been transformed into Final Fantasy 15 and will release as an exclusive on the PS4? Hopefully they won’t keep us waiting much longer – we’re starting to feel the pain just writing about it.



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