Fallout 4 excitement prolonged with Bethesda tease

Just hours after Bethesda dropped a bombshell in saying that they are no longer supporting Skyrim with major updates, Bethesda has now revealed a mystery video teaser in attempt to build anticipation for their new adventure that they are currently working on. We know it isn’t Skyrim, but what we’re about to show you isn’t thought to be related to Fallout 4 either.

That is obviously disappointing as if Bethesda are now longer providing us with a Skyrim DLC 4 expansion, then the next best thing is easily a Fallout 4 game releasing sometime in 2013. However, Pete Hines has hinted that the video you see over at Vine here, isn’t Fallout 4 – telling one user to ‘guess again’.

The question is, do we believe what Pete Hines is saying here or is he just trying to divert attention away from a definite Fallout 4 reveal coming at E3 2013? We’ve seen other feedback from you, suggesting that it could also be related to a new Wolfenstein game, which would be interesting if it’s on next-gen consoles.

Another big contender is the elusive Project Zwei game. To fill you in, Project Zwei is a horror game that is currently in development by Japanese studio Tango Gameworks – a studio that Zenimax Media recently acquired. The person behind Tango Gameworks is Shinji Mikami, who horror survival veterans may be familiar with as the creator of the Resident Evil games.

Fallout 4 is definitely top of the list for a lot of you at the moment, but we have a feeling that Project Zwei could turn out to be amazing as well – Bethesda publishing and the Resident Evil creator developing is one awesome combination you have to say.

For now, enjoy the video teaser through the link and let us know your thoughts on what it could be. Do you think it is related to Project Zwei as well, or something entirely different?



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