$200 Windows 8 tablet price point brings excitement

By Peter Chubb - Apr 17, 2013

Microsoft has had a tough time breaking the tablet market, but there could be plans that could change this. While we always ask for more features for a greater user experience, one of the biggest factors when it comes to tablets is the price, so news of a new $200 Windows 8 tablet price point has brought a lot of excitement to those who prefer this platform to the others.

According to Intel, this will be a perfect way for Microsoft to penetrate the inexpensive tablet market. It does seem as though Redmond is serious about the cheaper tablet market, as we already know there could be plans to release a smaller Surface tablet.

One of the reasons why Microsoft will be able to reduce the price of a touch-enabled Windows 8 tablet is because of the new Bay Trail processors, which is a redesign of the Atom CPU. According to an article from CNET News, this new processor will be far cheaper than what is currently on offer, but will also deliver stunning performance, which are two of the most important things.

We cannot say when we expect to see the first $200 Windows 8 tablet, but we do hope to see them arrive later this year. However, Microsoft will not have it easy, or their partners, as there is already an array of $200 – $300 tablets about to hit the market, such as the Nexus 7 sequel.

However, what we do find more interesting is the fact that there could also be $200 Windows 8 laptops as well, which could penetrate the cheaper tablet market. We’d love to know what you think of this, because in one hand it does sound like a very good move, but on the other what kind of specs would you expect to get with a $200 Windows 8 laptop?

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  • There are many Android tablets in this price range. Do we really need buggy awkward Microsoft in this segment?

    • I have both a Surface RT and an Android tablet and I am baffled by your comment. In the four months that I have been using my Surface RT I have yet to experience a bug or any anythong remotely awkward. I have instead found the Surface RT to be an enjoyable experience and valuable product. My Android tablet, on the other hand, does not go a day without crashing an app or the tablet needing a restart. I have used many Android tablets and found this to be common. I should think that a Surface tablet the US$300 range would be a most welcome addition.