New GTA V wallpapers from Rockstar

As we wait for Rockstar to drop the GTA V trailer 3 which is surely on the way soon, the famed developer has decided to release two new pieces of artwork for the game. These are not just standard screenshots though, as Rockstar has also made them available for download on their website, allowing you to use them as a beautiful desktop wallpaper if you prefer.

Rockstar has named the new artwork ‘Cash and Carry’, unveiling two pictures which show Michael on a jetski and Franklin making a quick exit on a motorbike whilst being tracked by a helicopter. If you head to the download section of the Rockstar website, you’ll see the excellent effort that Rockstar has gone to, in making the new images available in a variety of resolutions and platforms depending on where you intend to use the image.

For example, if you want this as a tile on your PS Vita homescreen, simply highlight PS Vita and transfer directly as Rockstar has already done the hard work in matching up the image with the PS Vita display resolution. They have even performed the same tasks for some specific smartphones and tablets, such as the iPhone 5, BlackBerry Bold and the iPad.

The pictures are as vibrant as ever and we’re actually tempted to see how this looks on our Vita as the homescreen could do with some freshening up. While this is obviously a minor GTA V news update, it’s nice that they are still giving fans snippets every week, as we’re sure they are preparing something major to show at E3 2013.

It seems like an eternity since the GTA V trailer 2, so let’s hope that some brand new gameplay is coming soon. Download the new Cash and Carry artwork over at Rockstar’s site and let us know what you want to see for the next GTA V reveal.



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