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Motorola X Phone just the start, smaller devices inbound

The thought of Google and Motorola working together in order to build a new range of smartphones is an exciting one indeed, because it will be nice to see what the Motorola X Phone will be like. We say this because there is no denying the build quality from them has for the most part been very good, and so having stock Android will make them even better.

It’s not just one handset that we can look forward to, as we already know there are plans for a range of X Phone handsets, and maybe even a tablet as well. Okay, so we know that the Motorola X Phone will be the flagship model, but there are suggestions from an article that other handsets in the upcoming range will not keep looking to build bigger handsets, but rather go back to basics a little.

A huge number of people love the idea of big smartphones, but not everyone wants a large screen and believes that things have started to get out of hand – maybe this is why Apple has stuck with a smaller display?

Motorola understands that the X Phone needs to be a success, because they have been in the wilderness for a while now. They believe if they can tap into a market where consumers just want a practical size phone; they will be able to take on the big players like they once did.

However, Motorola is looking at reducing the overall size of the handset by decreasing the bezel, which means screen sizes could still be at a pretty decent size.

These handsets will also differ from most of the other Android handsets currently on the market, as they will not come installed with bloatware, which means they will be as bare bones as possible. This way they can have a far better performing smartphone, with the hardware built to complement the software, and not just forcing it to work with extra software.

Do you believe Motorola will succeed with their new range of X Phones?



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