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iPad mini 2 and 7-inch Surface Pro threat assessment

We already knew Microsoft was to release other Surface devices later this year, and the rumor that a 7-inch Surface Pro being one of them was not hard to believe. It’s obvious that Microsoft would wish to compete in the lucrative smaller tablet market, but how will the rumored device be able to compare to Apple’s iPad mini?

Having said that, by the time the smaller Surface Pro sees a release, the iPad mini 2 could be with us by then. This has made us wonder what the threat assessment would be for the iPad mini 2 if Microsoft were to release the 7-inch Surface Pro?

While the Surface RT and Pro has been getting a mixed reaction it was obvious that analysts would weigh in on the thought of a smaller version. Michael Gartenberg has already made it very clear that he believes Microsoft will struggle in terms of usability.

The reason he says this is because the Surface mini would have to run on Windows RT, and this would take up a huge chunk of storage, well around half. If this were the case then how would there be a Surface mini to take on the 16GB iPad mini? However, this may not be the case, as Microsoft could have already found a way around this problem?

Some of us look at the Surface RT and Pro and see it as a fail because of poor sales, but we have to remember that Microsoft did a bad job of timing their release. Let’s us hope if there were to be a Surface mini, then the release, price and specs have to be spot on, so the 7-inch Surface would need to be a little cheaper than the iPad mini 2 later this year.



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