Skyrim DLC 4 Redguard no more after Bethesda moves on

By Alan Ng - Apr 15, 2013

Well, we didn’t expect to see an outcome like this after all of the hype. While most of you were expecting at least one more Skyrim DLC expansion to come out, it appears that Bethesda has now had enough. The developer has written a statement on their blog, confirming that they are now moving on to the ‘next adventure’, which presumably means a game in development for next-gen consoles.

It feels like there is so much more to give to Skyrim after the release of Dragonborn, but it looks like it may turn out to be the last major DLC expansion released for the game. That means that the PC version of Skyrim with the likes of the Creation Kit and Steam Workshop is now the place to go to for hope of substantial new content to play.

In a blog post, Bethesda has revealed that they are moving on to a new adventure, but will still support Skyrim with ‘minor updates’. They have also revealed that their team has already been working on this new adventure and that it is something that requires their ‘full’ attention.

Although Dragonborn and Dawnguard were amazing add-on pieces for the game, we’re still a little surprised ourselves that they are not continuing the journey just a little further. Smaller packs akin to that of Oblivion would have still been fine in our book, but Bethesda obviously feels like the time is right to stop altogether.

At the same time, it is also an exciting prospect to think about the next project they are building. Imagine if Bethesda take to the stage at E3 2013 and reveal that Fallout 4 is on the way to next-gen consoles and PC – please make it happen Bethesda, as the whole world is waiting to play it.

What is your reaction to the news? A mixture of sad and excited at the same time? Skyrim owners, pull together on this and let us know how you are feeling.

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  • Jimmy123

    not to mention that if they use thalmor for tes VI that would be laughable, every single TES has always handled all crisis in one game, that would be the first time to see it not finished, in a more depth on roleplay, I am the dragonborn holding incredible power in my hands, if followed by “shouts”, I would be leader of every single guild… I would probably, single handed, exterminate every single High Elf in Tamriel quite easily… Not to mention the aid from dragons… after all, I would be their new leader…

  • Jimmy123

    pissed off, skyrim on launch wasn’t even 1/10th of what it should be, it took 3 DLCs and tons of updates to even become acceptable, and it’s still missing so much stuff that I can’t swallow it, you won’t see me spending a single penny on their games until they manage to start releasing complete games instead of this mess… There are even not-implemented shouts that are in the game itself, like the one to open chests, the decoy u use to fus ro dah with the grey beards, and more, much more that was cut out…

  • Drogers1082

    I wanted to attend the moot and kill me thalmor but I guess we get build a house and adopt what a huge disappoint that dlc was, but still skyrim will remain my favorite game thus far even if it was left unfinished.

  • After all the bother with the Thalmor that’s it? Then again I suppose it’s a potential storyline for ES:6

  • General Lee

    I’m kinda sad because I was looking forward to the possible Redguard dlc, but i’m excited becuase they’ll be working on Fallout 4 and TES 6.

  • Juuust give me a DLC where i could slit the throats of thoes damned thalmor once and for all, and i’d be happy!

    I would just hope that they say something like this to minf*ck their fans, to stop nagging and then when noone expects it, release something new for skyrim.

  • tweetmail87

    Dawnstar will never be for me

    • SpartanWarrio_628101

      You mean Dawnguard? Why not? All the DLC is out for PS3.

  • Mcbutts

    Depressing. The game felt so unfinished, and had so much more potential for DLC. It seemed like everyone thought more were bound to come out, I feel a bit blind-sided. My fault for buying into the hype. I just hope this new game they are working on is worth it.

  • pmorris

    man!!!! i was hoping for at least two more dlcs!!! three tops!!! maybe one tht could go to ol’ stros m’kai? or maybe one tht was similar to dawnguard except instead of vampires, it was werewolves. or maybe a dlc, tht could allow u to make ur own content, like the creation kit for pc. tht would’ve been awesome!!! but, i guess i wished for to much. 🙁 oh by the way, the new ‘adventure’ tht their working on is either Fallout 4, or from what ive read on another blog, TES VI: Akavir.

  • Mr James

    i’d like to see a few more dlc first!

  • ps3 is not worth having a complicated game like skyrim on its system

  • D $ Bagz

    You’re an idiot, if you’re a playstation user, supporting BETHESDA henceforth after witnessing the debacle that was the release of DLC on the playstation 3 for Skyrim. I won’t allow them to put ‘me’ through that BS ever again with any other game.

  • Julia

    Hoping Fallout 4 news! Been too long. Skyrim, although I still play many hrs in, has ran its course.