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Ridge Racer Driftopia gameplay highlights free-to-play

We have some interesting news to bring to Ridge Racer fans now, and it is certainly going to be met with a mixed reception. Some of you may be old enough to have played the original classic on the Sony PS1, but we can tell you that those days are firmly over with the confirmation that the next game in the series, Ridge Racer Driftopia is going to adopt the free-to-play format.

That means that while you’ll be able to download the game for free, most of the luxurious items and cars will be locked and users will have to purchase micro-transactions as they progress through the game. It is a format that many other developers are now starting to follow, with DUST 514 another big free-to-play game that is due out on PS3 soon.

We have some gameplay to show you now, which shows you the emphasis that developers Bugbear Entertainment have placed on the new free play format. The graphics look decent enough, although we have a feeling that a lot of you are waiting to see what Namco Bandai can come up with, with regards to Ridge Racer on next-gen consoles. That’s going to be something special indeed.


In the meantime though, Driftopia is on the way to PS3 and PC only – no mention of an Xbox 360 release which is a little strange. It is early days yet, but hopefully Bugbear will be giving players a good preview of the game first, but locking everything way under micro-payments.

Are we now going to witness an era where a lot of other big name racing franchises become free-to-play in the future? Gran Turismo 6 free-to-play, how would that sound to you?



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