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PS Vita 2013 push starts with Soul Sacrifice demo

Attention all PS Vita owners now, as now is the period to start falling in love with your precious handheld again. After a period of drought, one of 2013’s big hitters is finally nearing a release. Soul Sacrifice is out at the end of the month, but we now have confirmation that an English demo will release on the PSN beforehand – essentially letting you try before you buy.

Soul Sacrifice has been pinpointed as one of the potential shining lights of a hopeful year for Sony’s troubled handheld. The system has received its fair share of criticism over the last year due to a lack of big game releases and seemingly a lack of interest from third-party developers as well.

Black Ops Declassified and Resistance Burning Skies were just examples of two games that had amazing potential – but failed to deliver on an epic scale. Soul Sacrifice is now seen as one game that can help to turn Sony’s fortunes around, with the likes of Killzone Mercenary, Final Fantasy X HD and Phantasy Star Online 2 providing reinforcements later in the year.

From April 16 and April 17 this week, you’ll be able to download a taster of Soul Sacrifice for yourself. US will get it first on Tuesday, while the demo should be available on the EU PS Vita store a day later on Wednesday. The full game is released on April 27 and April 30 depending on your region, so the demo should give you the perfect preview you need before deciding whether to drop your money on it or not.

Based on feedback from the Japanese demo, this game is one not to be missed so make sure you all give the demo a good run out before the game is out. For those of you who have already managed to play the JP version – does Soul Sacrifice deliver on all of the hype or not?



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