Next Skyrim DLC, Fallout 4, or Next-Gen? Hines teases

By Alan Ng - Apr 15, 2013

The wait for the elusive Skyrim DLC 4 content is still ongoing. With all of the rumors going around at the moment, it looks like Bethesda are definitely waiting until E3 2013 to tell us whether the next pack will be called Redguard or not, and whether they will finally drop some official news on a potential Fallout 4 game.

Bethesda has been rather infamous as of late, by becoming a company that really won’t say anything until they really need to, calmly resisting all of the abuse and negative feedback directed at them on the likes of Twitter. It reminds us of similar tactics that Rockstar deploys with regards to GTA V news and it’s actually fair to say that both developers are at the stage where they don’t really need to say anything just for the sake of keeping a few people happy.

Pete Hines has spoken in a recent podcast over at OXM, teasing the fact that they are going to be more vocal this year with regards to upcoming game releases. Without name dropping ‘Redguard’, Hines revealed that they are going to continue with the things ‘that make them excited’ whilst also ‘releasing new stuff’ and ‘making some noise’.

They certainly made some noise during the 2010 VGAs when Bethesda first announced the game, so we have a feeling that another big event is going to take place soon to reveal not only the next DLC installment for Skyrim, but also a new Fallout game as well. In an interesting twist, we recently asked our readers which they would prefer to see next, between new Skyrim DLC and Fallout 4.

Fallout 4 was the undisputed winner on this occasion, so it will be intriguing to see which announcement comes first. A new Fallout game is obviously inevitable, but are Bethesda taking their time so it can become a next-gen title instead? Don’t forget that The Elder Scrolls Online is also taking up a portion of their time, so it really is a case of being patient here.

Hines has teased, but do you need to see some conclusive evidence soon before you lose interest? Listen to the podcast in full above through the link, then tell us what priorities you have. New Skyrim DLC, or Fallout 4 next?

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  • Slothington

    New skyrim dlc seems unlikely since this morning Peter Hines said there would be no more DLC on twitter…

    • shikamaru317

      Yeah, I just saw that. If Bethesda is no longer working on Skyrim DLC that likely means that the full team is now working on the game that has been in preproduction since 2010, and has likely been in partial production since late 2011 after Skyrim was finished (while a small portion of the team worked on Skyrim DLC). If this game has entered full production now, it could possibly even be out by this Holiday season. The game that I’m talking about is of course rumored to be Fallout 4, as Bethesda has only worked on 2 series in recent years. Also, we have the recent tweets from ThreeDog and Inon Zur’s (the composer of Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas) hints at PAX about a new game he is working on being announced on May 15.

  • Charybdisjim

    “Don’t forget that The Elder Scrolls Online is also taking up a portion of their time, so it really is a case of being patient here.”

    That’s being developed by a seperate studio under the Zenimax holding company (with a team of about 300). It will not be competing with their next project for the development studio’s time because the studio that develops TES and Fallout games is not involved.

    It would be likely though that they would want to avoid one game’s marketting and release to be competing for attention and dollars from another’s soon after. In that sense it is likely that the launch windows for each will be kept at least from falling within a month of each other, possibly more.

  • Skyrim DLC now & Fallout 4 on Next Gen Fall 2014!