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Ferrari by Logic3 announces FS1 Air with Apple AirPlay technology

If you are currently looking to choose a docking system of noted superiority then nothing would look more impressive in the home or office than the latest Ferrari designed Logic3 Speaker Dock. You can also rest assured that with the Ferrari brand behind this unit you know you will be getting quality and distinction of the highest standard, this is not some random sales gimmick or mass produced attention-grabber.

Crafted with the same stylish curves and lines you would expect to find on any Ferrari supercar and featuring the prancing horse logo set on a sleek black housing, with Ferraris red pin-striping and detailing this dock stands out from the crowd.

Using Apple’s Airplay technology the FS1 Air speaker dock allows any Apple device to wirelessly stream music to it and as it is also fitted with Bluetooth technology this dock can accommodate and play music from any Android and Windows device too. The 2.1 speaker system is equipped with a Digital Signal Processor, which controls equalization and crossover, meaning optimum clarity and superb natural sound.

The Ferrari by Logic3 FS1 Air Speaker is available at $649 and for more details or to purchase, visit the Ferrari by Logic3 site here.



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