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Sony PS4 UK release tease with ASDA pre-order

We have an update for our UK readers now, on the ongoing situation surrounding the mystery over the Sony PS4 console and whether it will be available to buy in the UK in 2013. While Sony has stayed silent on the matter unfortunately, we could have some promising hints that a 2013 release is on the cards thanks to a big UK supermarket chain.

We can tell you that ASDA has now decided to start UK PS4 pre-orders very early, with an online page allowing consumers to reserve a console by putting down a £20 deposit. Initially, the supermarket chain suggested that the PS4 would be out in 2013, only to backtrack later on by saying that they still haven’t had confirmation from Sony yet and that they are just ‘going’ on estimations.

It could also be ASDA covering their tracks though, as it does seem a little strange for a £20 reserve service to pop up out of the blue. You can visit the page here for yourself and secure your system now if you are definitely planning on picking up the PS4 no matter what.

ASDA has also revealed a strict set of terms and condition as well, which you definitely need to read over before putting the £20 down. They’ve pointed out clearly that they are not responsible if Sony changes the UK release of the PS4 into 2014, but obviously your order will still be valid.

They have also mentioned that the ‘expected’ release date of Sony’s console is ‘Christmas 2013’, so make of that what you will. The big question here is whether ASDA, as a huge UK supermarket chain would be in the know before anyone else. If that’s the case, you can also expect the likes of Tesco to know as well and they could be plotting their big PS4 order incentive to send ASDA out of the picture.

Are you starting to believe that the PS4 won’t be out until 2014 in the UK, given Sony’s silence on the matter?



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