Rayman Legends expansion after delay gives happy ending

While a lot of Wii U owners may be still unhappy over the situation involving Rayman Legends, we have fresh information this week revealing that the Ubisoft Montpellier development team hasn’t wasted any time in adding new content during the delay. The game was originally expected to release as a Wii U launch title last year, but will now release as a multi-platform title instead in September.

The feeling may still be of anger towards Ubisoft, the publisher that is, but the development team behind the game has given new optimism that the delay will be worth it in a way – with the confirmation that 30 new levels, as well as brand new bosses have been added to the game during the delay period.

That means that Rayman Legends is going to feature more content than originally planned and it in a way gives the game a happy ending overall. Of course, it’s not nice seeing a once exclusive game go multiplatform, but Ubisoft has made the decision and at least the developers are making the most out of the situation.

Meanwhile, we can also tell you that a second Rayman Legends demo is going live at the end of April, exclusively on the Wii U. This demo will include an early preview at the online challenge modes in the game and more importantly a level called Murfy’s dungeon which Ubisoft has said is exclusive to the Wii U version.

Don’t forget that the challenge mode is going to be updated weekly and monthly upon release in September, so Rayman Legends is definitely shaping up to be the best Rayman game in history. Let us know your thoughts now after the dust has settled a bit over the delay.

Are you over it now, or still a little angry?



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