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Nexus 10 official dock still MIA, as Book Cover arrives

We have some mixed news for Nexus 10 fans, but definitely worthwhile for those looking to pick up a new case for the popular tablet. It has been well documented that an official Nexus 10 dock is much requested by consumers. Unfortunately, there’s still no sign of when it will appear, but we have news about the official Nexus 10 Book Cover to share with you.

For those who remember the Android Christmas Card video, you’ll know exactly what we are talking about here. During the video, Google clearly advertised a Nexus 10 dock, but we are yet to see it appear on the Play Store – so what’s going on? Whether there are manufacturing issues at hand, Google are continuing to remain silent on the matter but hopefully they will be giving out the good news during Google I/O next month.

In the meantime, you can now bask in the glory of the Nexus 10 Book Cover – the first official Nexus 10 accessory to land on the Play Store. It is available in a choice of two colors, either Scarlet or Dark Gray and is priced at $29.99 or £24.99 for our readers in the UK.

The Book Cover is similar to your standard tablet flip cover, in that it will automatically clip on to the back of your Nexus 10, thanks to a concealed section where the Book Cover will now attach to. Once in place, it will then protect the front of your screen, whilst at the same time functioning with sleep and wake up features as well – iPad Smart Cover style.

It looks pretty enough, although we’re not too sure about that Scarlet color – perhaps a little over the top on the brightness. Hopefully Google will add more colors through the year, but Dark Gray certainly looks like a safe bet for the moment. If you have a Nexus 10, let us know if you are interested in forking out $29.99 for one.

Are you also waiting for an official Nexus 10 dock to arrive?



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