LG Optimus G Pro US release with Galaxy S4 feature

By Peter Chubb - Apr 11, 2013

If you are in the market for a new high-end phablet, then the LG Optimus G Pro should be on your list because of its host of new features. However, things are set to get even better for the G Pro, as a software update is coming, which will give it a feature similar to what the Samsung Galaxy S4 has.

The software update will become available to current owners in South Korea very soon, which consists of the Value Pack, which you can see detailed in the video below. However, once the LG Optimus G Pro is released in the US, which will be next month, the update should already be installed.

The technology we are most interested in for now is the eye-tracking tech, as this was a big feature of the Galaxy S4, one that Samsung spent a bit of time detailing during the Unpacked event last month. I’m still not sold on the whole eye-tracking thing on a smartphone, as we expect to see some very strange eye movements on the commute to work in future. However, this technology is perfect for tablets, as it has a huge benefit for people with disabilities. Having said that, eye-tracking technology could take off in a big way, but how long will it be before it becomes an industry standard on smartphones?

Going back to the Optimus G Pro US release date, it seems as though it will become available on AT&T on May 10. So far no other carriers outside South Korea (apart from AT&T) have offered details on when they plan to offer the handset to their customers. However, now the first US carrier has made its move, we have to wonder how long it will be before rival carriers make theirs?

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