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Inspiring iPhone 6 styling and an innovative feature

With WWDC fast approaching we will get to see what iOS 7 has to offer, although we will not know until a few months later what new iPhone this mobile operating system will come installed on. However, it’s more than likely going to be the iPhone 5S, unless Apple changes their annual tradition?

When it comes to the release of the iPhone 6, this surely will not happen until 2014, as this is when we expect Apple will make a major change again – although apart from its size increase the iPhone 5 was nothing major. Maybe this time Apple will learn from their mistake and give iOS users want they want, such as an inspiring iPhone 6?

So what would be inspiring? Firstly, the iPhone 6 styling will need to be very different to the current model. While it was nice to see an increase in screen size, it still looks tiny when placed next to rival devices. We’ve seen a few iPhone 6 concepts, but the one that looked like it had inspiration from a MacBook has been our favorite so far.

The design is better than anything we have seen, even the curved iPhone render taken from a recent patent filing from Apple and the one that looked more like an Xperia device. For a couple of years now we had assumed that Apple would do away with the home button, but they keep sticking with the tried and tested feature. Having said that, some people believe it is time for a change, and the trackpad taken from a MacBook and reduced in size could be a innovative feature to the iPhone 6, but what purpose do you think it would serve?

What iPhone 6 concept do you expect to see next, and will they be as good as the one from Steve Hemmerstoffer and Martin Hajek, as they have not gone over the top on styling, and while the changes very subtle, they are enough to make this a plausible design?



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