Verizon Galaxy S4 release looms with S3 price cut

By Alan Ng - Apr 10, 2013

We have some good news for those of you who are patiently waiting for the Samsung Galaxy S4 release date on Verizon in the US. It’s no secret that Verizon are making their customers wait for Samsung’s flagship device, but this week we have good indication that the device could be on the way very soon.

As some of you may well be aware, AT&T has already set a pre-order date of April 16 for when they will allow customers to order the device online. AT&T hasn’t however set a solid release date for when the device will ship and this could be further clues as to why Verizon hasn’t followed with a similar move.

One big release clue has been made apparent though, with the confirmation that the Galaxy S3 has now been given a price cut on Verizon’s store, to just $99.99 on a two-year contract. Given the timing of the discount and the fact that the Galaxy S4 will go on sale at the end of the month in the US, it’s very logical to assume that Verizon are almost ready to announce their availability plans as well.

The key factor will be whether Verizon will be ready for a release in April, or if we’ll see another staggered release and consumers will instead have to wait several weeks after the likes of AT&T and T-Mobile offer the device to their customers first. The price cut is there for everyone to see on Verizon’s store now though, so hopefully it’s a clear sign of good news to come soon.

If you are planning on waiting for the Verizon Galaxy S4, let us know what you think about the company’s infamous silent tactics. Are you a little annoyed that there isn’t even a pre-order date yet, given that AT&T and T-Mobile have already announced plans of their own? Stay tuned for further news as we get it.

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  • TaylorMade

    I am a VZW customer and I have been stalking the S4 for months now…even before it was showcased in NY. Now the time is here and the company that i pay 130 d@mn dollars to every month to, is barely acknowledging the phone exists. In the meantime, I’m impatiently waiting to renew my contract while being forced to use a defective, turtle-speed HTC Thunderbolt with a blue fingerprint like mark on the screen. (Lord knows my struggle). If it wasn’t for their superb coverage, I would move on to a cheaper carrier.

    **follow me on Twitter @taylormade405