Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket Jelly Bean joy for AT&T users

By Alan Ng - Apr 10, 2013

We have some great news for those of you who are still rocking a Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket handset on AT&T’s network. The device shipped in 2011 with Android Gingerbread, but now we’re pleased to confirm that Samsung has just released an official Galaxy S2 Skyrocket Jelly Bean update as well – bumping the device up to Android 4.1.2.

Let’s just put that into context for a second. Samsung are well within their rights to forget about a three-year old handset in favor of newer projects such as the Galaxy Note 3 and imminent Galaxy S4 handsets. So to go back and provide some joy to those who are still using the Skyrocket is testament to Samsung’s new found effort on getting official Android updates out after initial widespread criticism.

Samsung has released a support page for the update to Android 4.1.2 and confirmed that the Kies software will be needed for the installation process. Don’t worry if you haven’t used Kies before, as Samsung has also provided a step-by-step guide to help you through it, as well as posting a link to the actual software if you need to download it.

As for a reminder of new features within Jelly Bean, users can now expect to find new functionality such as Google Now, a Mobile Hotspot feature, the Browser bar and also some new pre-loaded applications. Samsung has also mentioned on the support page that users will also benefit from improved call quality after installation as well.

So there we have it, yet more good news from the ongoing Jelly Bean update bandwagon. Did you ever imagine a scenario where your handset would be granted updates to a further two new major versions of Android upon purchase? That’s the equivalent of the Galaxy S4 getting updated to Android 5.0 and possibly Android 6.0 down the line.

As always, let us know if you have any problems before, after or during the installation. Are there any proud Skyrocket owners reading this?

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  • shauna

    my skyrocket stopped at 3% and said there was and error and to run an emergency recovery. well that didnt work. after about an hour on hold with samsung, not even a hard key reset would do anything. so my phone is on its way to texas to get the software reflashed back to gb so they can send it back to me so i can try again. BOO!!!!! my gs1 crapped out at about 13 months. i think its just about time to dump samsung like a bad habit…..and att(seriously why do they not have any tech guys in the stores for issues like this).

  • Chris

    My SD card doesn’t work anymore! I keep on get the notification “SD card is being used as mass storage device”…..

  • My camera won’t work anymore, says there is not enough memory. I’ve deleted and stopped all non essential processes, still won’t work. YAY!!

  • noob

    just updated my S2 to Jelly Bean. Loving it so far. Upgrade wasn’t smooth but I wasn’t worried because I backed up my data first!