Microsoft Office for iPad after Surface Pro 2 release

By Peter Chubb - Apr 10, 2013

While not official, a roadmap has been released, which shows when Microsoft Office for iPad will be released. However, we wouldn’t get too excited just yet because if true then those with an iOS device will not get their hands on the Microsoft Office app until after the Surface Pro 2 is released – well if we assume the new version of the tablet will be released around the same time next year.

From the Office release schedule we should expect both the Android and iOS versions in October 2014. Mac Office 2014 will not be released until April next year either. While this is good news in a way, it does make you wonder why Microsoft has made us wait so long for these versions?

There’s an interesting article that looks at one of the reasons why Microsoft decided not to release Office for iPad or Android come to that matter this year, and that could have been because they wanted to release the Surface RT and Pro first. And while this makes sense, we are still confused as to why it was not released much sooner, if the Surface was the cause for the delay, then why can they not bring the app out later this year instead?

We already know this delay could have lost Microsoft about $2.5 billion in lost revenue, and this figure will increase if an October 2014 release for the Android and iPad version of Office is correct.

As for the Surface Pro sequel; we only said about this being released before the Office app above because Microsoft will more than likely offer updated versions of the Pro on a yearly basis, as to try and follow the success Apple has had with the iPad.

We know sales have been a little hit and miss, but an early release date in the year was never going to help matters, a summer launch would have been far better. This is why we now believe Microsoft will release the 2nd-generation Surface Pro a little later in the year in 2014, although this is mere speculation.

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  • Lost Interest

    I used to think I needed Office. There was a time when I believed I couldn’t live without it. Since MS took their sweet buggar all time to offer anything, I’ve had plenty of time to find workarounds that work great. Most of them are even better. iOS apps have matured and become very impressive with excellent working counterparts for PCs and Macs. The Cloud keeps everything moving and I never miss a beat or have to carry a USB stick around. I haven’t even bothered with Office on my PCs or Macs since I’ve learned to happily live without it. MS already lost revenue by this delay. I am no longer interested in an app they could possibly release. It’s sad, but if they were on the ball, I would still be their sucker.

  • Annoyed

    You suck for doing that…