Skyrim 1.9 patch notes with auto PS3, Xbox 360 install

By Alan Ng - Apr 9, 2013

We finally have some good news for Xbox 360 and PS3 owners now, as Bethesda has just unleashed the highly anticipated 1.9 update on console. Previously, the update has been available on PC – adding numerous bug fixes as well as the new Legendary features and skills to the game as well.

It’s another case of better late than never though as far as Bethesda are concerned, and there’s a little twist as well to tell you about for the specific update on 1.9. Bethesda has revealed on their blog that the update is available as an automatic title update download simply by turning your respective console on with an active internet connection.

For those that haven’t read up on the 1.9 update when it landed on PC, we can tell you that the new 1.9 title update will add the Legendary difficulty setting to the game. You’ll now be able to reset skills as well with the new Legendary features, allowing you to wipe out level 100 skills, return them to level 15 but can no longer be subjected to a level cap.

That means you can keep earning experience points on your skills as you progress through the game – a move that players will ultimately appreciate once they have learned how it works. Long with the Legendary features, there is also a vast list of new bug fixes to read through, which you’ll be able to do through the Beth blog.

Some of the changes include a fix which caused Alduin to become invincible during “Alduin’s Bane”, crashes when entering the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary and an overall improvement to general memory and stability of the game. Console players should now be able to play a much smoother Skyrim and it should keep Xbox 360 and PS3 users busy until the Skyrim DLC 4 content arrives – will it be Summerset or not?

Let us know if you have already installed the Skyrim 1.9 update and how your game is playing at the moment after the patch.

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  • stuntlyd4

    TIP: Go legendary with the skill trees you use most of all (for me it’s Sneak, Archery, Heavy Armour, Destruction and Restoration) that way they’ll level up again to help get all the other skills their perks

  • f1ngaz….ps3

    im new to the game since jan 2013 found lots of lag now that im a lvl 43 pretty much impossible to play, not only that but i cant even absorb dragon souls anymore well havent been able to since i was a lvl 37. idk if thats cuz i completed the story mode or not but i also havent done the 1.9 update maybe that will fix my problems…. i really dont want to waste 100+mb of space for an update that wont help my problem and/or dont wanna waste it for a 1 player game. the way i look at it updates are useless in general just because if the game was good enough to begin with wen it was made u dont need to update. im tired of buying all these beta games. every single game since the 360/ps3 came out is nothing but beta, wat ever happend to actually making a good product and sticking through till the sequel. 90% of my HDD is nothing but games or software updates its kinda annoying. anyways enough with rants,,,, does this update atleast fix the lags

  • PS3 player, seems the patch has fixed numerous lagging issues for me, particularly in regards to Solstheim.

  • Albanthor

    Using my previous save file, numerous world based bugs involving missing textures and whole missing parts of rooms – allowing me to fall through the world….which had not happened before this patch. Overall I am noticing less crashes on the 360 platform.

  • soulragekid

    Can’t play the game anymore due to lag & glitches patch 1.9 has not help at all. The Issues i still see today in the game are defeated dragons falls from the sky. Hero or other creatures drop from nowhere after a fast travel. Enemy not respawning etc. Still Bethesda has not done anything to resolve. The Dawngaurd DLC has major Problems. The Lag is the biggest issue in Skyim on PS3. People who are saying that they haven’t experiencing any lag, you will after 300 hrs of gameplay. I have play this game with over 300 hrs of gameplay on PS3 The Lag is the biggest issues of them all

    • mad420

      turn all ur auto saves off u get a longer load time the bigger ur save file size gets, hence dont leave items out for display, And it was stated taht not all updates will fix your current game but if you start a new game they will not happen.